Maureen Callander DIRECTOR
BA (Econs). Grad Dip Educ. Grad Dip Mgt. CELTA

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‘'I would like to extend thanks for the splendid work you put into the development of the publication 'Creating Profitable Partnerships'. This appreciation is not only for the interesting and informative content, but for the dedication you have shown to seeing the project through to its completion."
Brenda Robbins
Executive Director Office of Citizenship and Multicultural Interests 1999

"Maureen's multi-cultural and multi-lingual background brought a different perspective to the development, implementation and assessment of the curriculum on which we worked. Overall, Maureen is an exceptional teacher."
Dr Graeme Lock
PhD, MEd, Postgrad Dip Ed St, BEd, GCLT. Director, Learning and Teaching, School of Education, Edith Cowan University

"You're the third Australian I've met - you are the best. I feel very good when I'm in your class. You've swayed my life so deeply. 'Thank you'. Hopefully I can see you again when I am a successful businessman."
Guo Fong Wei
Peijing University exchange student. 2009

"You're a good teacher; I like your teaching, acting and laughing. You did more than teach and you have
helped us to see beyond many things that sometimes we can't think about, so all these things have touched my heart personally. I felt blessed..."
'B' Potjanee
TAFE Student 2010

"Thank-you for helping me to improve my English. You are the most warm hearted teacher that I have ever met."
TAFE Student 2012