Why choose us?
• Clients receive fantastic value for money.
• Our classes are stimulating and innovative.
• Courses are tailored to meet individual needs thus saving clients time and money.
• Skilled and culturally sensitive web editors will help you avoid embarrassing and costly mistakes.

Who should use us?
• Organisations with migrant and/or special visa employees.
• Trades people requiring IELTS General tuition
• Husbands/wives & grandparents who want to learn basic English and understand the 'Aussie' culture in a friendly environment.
• Overseas companies and small businesses that need assistance with website editing and proofreading.

What courses are available?
Basic Survival English: This course is designed for employees and people who need basic English and social etiquette to survive in their work and travel or just enjoy living in Australia.
English for Specific Purposes: eg Training/Tuition for last minute preparation IELTS General
Cross Cultural Orientation Courses (various): These courses are designed for successful living and working in Australia. Managing culture shock, Australian social and business etiquette and language differences are some of the more popular topics.
Fully Customised Corporate Training: We can build a completely tailored training programme that fits your business' exact requirements. We'll bring the training of your choice to your chosen location.

How are long are the courses?
• Course length varies according to content and client requirements

How much does it cost?
This is determined by a range of factors including:
• Complexity of the course.
• Numbers in attendance and hours required.
• The location.

How much will workplace productivity be increased by?
Increase in workplace productivity is immeasurable for both employers and employees.

Fantastic value for money is guaranteed